Billionaire dog Gunther ready to acquire Chiara Ferragni

From the Villa of the pop star Madonna to the influencer Chiara Ferragni: new targets for the Gunther Group’s billion-dollar capital

Billionaire dog Gunther ready to acquire Chiara Ferragni

From the Villa of the pop star Madonna to the influencer Chiara Ferragni: new targets for the Gunther Group’s billion-dollar capital

In November it already seemed like sensational news that a German shepherd, Gunther to be precise, the richest dog in the world, had left American pop star Madonna speechless. Yes, you heard right. How? By selling her fabulous Miami property, the Material Girl’s former villa, for over 30 million dollars, realizing a super capital gain! A bombshell that has inflamed the international press and has mobilized major publications such as the Times, the Post, Forbes.

History is repeating itself and points even higher.

The Gunther Group, a billion-dollar trust that takes care of and follows the investments of the Gunther dynasty, headed by the brilliant pharmacologist Maurizio Mian, has now decided to make an important offer to take over the majority of Fenice Srl, the company that owns the rights to the Chiara Ferragni brand.

The idea immediately endorsed, started by Stefano Cigana, public relation officer of the dogstar already defined “guru of strategic communication” by sacred monsters such as New York Times and Washington Post, will soon arrive on the table of the famous entrepreneur.

Chiara Ferragni in search of a “growth capital” fund for the growth of her brand: news of this kind could not fail to reach the superfine ears of Gunther and his mega-capitalized global team.


Influencer VS Dogstar: Chiara Ferragni in trouble? Here comes Gunther with the “billionaire vitamin”

As highlighted by Il Sole 24 Ore, Fenice Srl still records start-up numbers with a turnover of 1.19 million, but with losses amounting to 3.4 million. Also for this reason, the Italian diva has chosen to sell up to 66% of the shares, in order to reach a governance more favorable to her at a later time.

To the negative budgets of 2019 and 2020, those of 2021 should be better, starting from about 5 million. Although as reported by the Huffpost, the revenues of Phoenix would actually reach 26 million euros. A figure that, however, refers only to the induced through royalties, derived from products licensed by Chiara Ferragni.

The world of licensing is one that the young influencer is following with strength and determination, just think of her recent collaborations with Moschino, Morellato, Safilo, Pigna, Mofra and Douglas, to name just a few.

A world that is elevated to the luxury universe of licensing when we talk about the background and synergies already activated by the Gunther group. Established in major dream locations and metropolises such as: Miami, Dubai, Monte Carlo and the Bahamas.

The trust, in addition to immense economic, financial and real estate resources, can in fact boast of a consolidated position among the top of the world’s jet-set.

Why is Gunther focusing on Chiara Ferragni?

The forward-looking trust is characterized by a great propensity for innovation and investment in scientific research, creativity and onlife communication. It has always, long before the birth of the influencer phenomenon, firmly believed in the value and lifestyle models promoted by certain personalities and celebrities. It is within this perimeter that happiness becomes the driving element, the “philosophical key” to every intervention and strategy studied by the Gunther Group.

It is precisely this happiness-oriented ideology that led the group to Chiara Ferragni. In this perspective, the entrepreneur represents the modern icon par excellence of a lifestyle devoted to happiness. A 360° figure, symbol of freedom, tenacity, independence, ambition and beauty.

The Gunther Group certainly has what it takes to be the ideal financial partner to give a definitive boost to a company that has not yet taken off. Now all that remains is to wait for the list of investors provided by Bnp Paribas and Chiara’s final decision.

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