Motta European Municipality of Sport 2023 is on the podium again!

Motta European Municipality of Sport 2023 is on the podium again!

Motta Sport scores a new victory. Born as a project enhancing the sport of Motta-Opitergia, it has won the European title that now takes shape in a site-specific space. The “Ex-Prisons” of Motta di Livenza will be coordinated by the Venetia team with the aim of transforming them into a design laboratory on the territory. An authentic window on  the world of sport, culture and tourism 2.0.

As mentioned, the physical epicenter will be the former prisons. Historical structure built at the time of the Republic of Venice, located next to the ancient city walls and the medieval complex of the Castle of Da Camino. A dive into the ancient glories of Motta, defined by the Venetian Senate as “Firstborn Daughter of the Republic”.

The new year sees the assignment of the municipal space as a physical base dedicated to the device “Motta Sport 2023” and reference for the entire world of sport Motta-Oopitergino. A place of reference for the organization of initiatives that enhance the value of partners and sports associations of Motta. As well as activities of socio-cultural interest such as: exhibitions on sport and its champions, widespread exhibitions of contemporary art, talks, meetings and much more.

A sustainable project aimed in particular at the athletes of Motta-Opitergino, citizens and the whole territory. A place born as an area of confinement changed into an inclusive environment, open to ideas and the future.

A project that unites Entrepreneurship and Municipalities

The new base of Motta Sport will be treated and coordinated in continuity with Venetia Communication services projected on web & social channels.

Venetia has followed and developed the communication of the Candidacy of Motta di Livenza through the project Motta Sport in the role of Main Sponsor and Media Partner.

“These times of intense individualism teach us that ‘normality’ can be found in the entrepreneurship that works alongside the municipal administration, putting among its priorities also the interests and needs of the community, responding in a creative, positive and productive way to contemporary needs.”

Stefano Cigana, President of Venetia Communication

“We believed in it from the beginning, we have achieved this important goal, but now we want to make this project visible and concrete for everyone. For this reason, a sort of infopoint for sport and our territory will soon be created in this symbolic place of Motta di Livenza. A meeting place between citizens, sports and the many entrepreneurs who are supporting us or who want to start doing so. All united for a great goal. It is an opportunity for growth for our community and a showcase for our city”.

Alessandro Righi, Mayor of Motta di Livenza

The victory of the title as a flywheel for the territory

The goal achieved by the City of Motta di Livenza, named “European City of Sport 2023”, is flanked by various initiatives to translate it into concrete benefits and wide-ranging opportunities. The achievement of the prestigious international title is not a point of arrival, but a starting point, a real driving force for the territory.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning the official candidacy spot “Motta di Livenza, vivere lo sport tra i due fiumi” (Motta di Livenza, living sport between the two rivers), created by Venetia Communication, with the support of partners Body & Mind and 3B S.p.A., which won the “Promotion of Sport Values” award at the Aces Video Awards 2021.

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