Beyond the Concept of Marketing: Gunther the Dog and Show Making

Beyond the Concept of Marketing: Gunther the Dog and Show Making

Venetia Communication is the only digital agency and communications company that can boast a close bond with Gunther, the richest dog in the world. The German shepherd who became famous for having inherited a millionaire’s fortune. His 4-legged descendants now live in top luxury, among exclusive villas, private jets, bodyguards and gourmet steaks.

No! It’s not a bluff!

The synergy with the Gunther Group, the trust that takes care of them and follows their investments, allows us to generate communication and show making thanks to the great appeal of the dog star Gunther.

A German shepherd who has nothing to envy from VIPs, celebrities and influencers. His mere presence at exclusive appointments, events and prestigious locations becomes a magnet for audiences, news and likes.

Case History of Show Making

From the media involvement triggered by the sale of Madonna’s former villa, overlooking Biscayne Bay in Miami. Up to the clamor for his arrival, escorted by bodyguards, at the Tuscan estate of Sticciano, which for the occasion was transformed into a top secret film set.

Where Gunther arrives, not only euphoria and curiosity explode. It’s the mass media following that explodes from every point of view. Just so you know: the news of the Miami villa left even the diva Madonna speechless. Yes, that’s right. Capturing the interest of major newspapers such as: New York Times, Washington Post and Forbes.

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Building Strategies with Gunther

“Many fashion companies have taken an interest in Gunther’s story and the media impact that the dog’s very presence can convey is attracting a lot of attention”

Stefano Cigana, CEO Venetia Communication

Together with our friend Gunther, we can develop new communication strategies. Something unique, beyond the usual fine words.

Something truly unimaginable.

Something that will surely leave your fans open-mouthed and your competitors stunned.

Visions crystallized on the classic marketing techniques, companies that no longer know which way to turn. All swept away by the shockwave of a crazy DOGSTAR STRATEGY. Ad hoc events, guest appearances, amazing news, content creation, development of capsule collections signed Gunther and co-branding with the richest dog in the world. Examples of infinite possibilities with enormous media potential.

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