What if your product became a Monaco brand?

What if your product became a Monaco brand?

In 2019, Venetia Communication has signed a prestigious partnership with the Monegasque governmental company responsible for enhancing the name of the Principality of Monaco in the world, for the sharing of objectives.

In addition, in view of the innovative matrix of the strategic communication model applied to our device “Bull Days”, we were officially granted the license “Monte Carlo”.

Originating the model known as “Bull Days Monte Carlo”: official-licensed brand and brand in co-ownership with the company of the Government of Monaco.

The start point of a successful licensing operation and format, absolute evidence rewarded with the extension to 10 years of the “Monte Carlo” license.

Licensing as a marketing tool, perfect for creating trends and penetrating new territories, markets and audiences

The term Licensing defines the commercialization of licenses between the licensor (the owner of the rights) and the licensee (the one who obtains the right of use). The latter will pay a royalty, called a licensing fee, based on the amount of sales.

Licensing can therefore cover a wide range of activities or elements: such as a logo or a company name, a production process or the product itself, technologies or manufacturing methods, specific ingredients or raw materials, etc.

A fundamental condition for being able to sign a Licensing agreement is that there must be an undisputed originality of the product or service in question.

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“Monaco” & “Monte Carlo” licenses

Signing and qualifying your product or service in the Principality of Monaco is therefore the element that can really make the difference. The decisive key to the success of your new marketing & business strategy.

What is the Licensing “Monaco” & “Monte Carlo” effect? The enormous appeal, the princely heritage and the global fame of the Principality are instantly reflected in your brand. A state that is an authentic treasure chest and custodian of precious treasures, an enchanting place that blossoms among the rocks, the sea and the sun of the Côte d’Azur.

Location always loved by the international jet-set. Exceptional scenery made immortal by the genius of artists, directors, writers and iconic figures from every era. MONACO is synonymous with luxury, cinema, star system, haute couture, yachting, real estate, art, sport and green revolution.


The Gucci Resort Collection is the famous fashion house’s line inspired by dream locations. Wonderful destinations such as Monte Carlo, Cannes, Mykonos, Capri, Marbella, Porto Cervo.

A collection of accessories and shopping bags enlivened by an exciting mix of colors, textures and luxury details.

With this fabulous collection, Gucci has acquired the official license of the “Monte Carlo” brand. White, red, blue stripes and embroidered “G” combine perfectly with yellow leather patches. The Monegasque name emerges as an exclusive emblem of fashion and luxury.


Monte Carlo Blush” is the brand that is reinventing the face of elegance in the international wine showcase. A vision devoted to beauty that comes to life in the glasses that welcome this unique rosé wine. A Provence Wine, licensed and approved by the Principality of Monaco, the result of the experience of an award-winning vineyard.

An absolutely special taste & lifestyle product. “Monte Carlo Blush” is characterized by the typical superiority and exquisite blend of aromas reminiscent of this magical territory.

A wine that rests on the lips, enlightens the heart and intoxicates the senses.

A pocket-sized ray of sunshine to be always happy.


Bull Days Monte Carlo” is the communication format by Venetia that has revolutionized the paradigm of international motorsport & luxury events. An authentic brand symbol of a community formed by high-profile business people who love to live an exclusive lifestyle.

An autonomous brand able to extend on a global scale the charm and fame of the Principality of Monaco and its famous district Monte Carlo.

“Bull Days Monte Carlo” is an officially licensed brand of the Principality. In co-ownership between Venetia Communication and the Monegasque company that protects and manages the licenses.

The 1st edition of Bull Days Monte Carlo has proved to be a real source of business & relationship synergies. An innovative model based on relationships able to multiply, in the short to medium term, visions, ideas and ambitious cross-sectoral projects.

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