Venetia applies the B.I.R.T.H. model in the parallel world of Gunther: the half-billion-dollar dog

Venetia applies the B.I.R.T.H. model in the parallel world of Gunther: the half-billion-dollar dog

The news that Gunther VI, the richest dog in the world, is selling the former property of pop star Madonna for the staggering sum of 32,000,000 dollars is generating a huge media boom!

No, it’s not a joke, it’s just like that! The story is once again putting the spotlight on the incredible story of the half-billion dollar dog.

The American artist shared the news in her Instagram stories, exclaiming, “When you find out a dog is selling your old house for 3 times the amount you sold it for!”

The irony is certainly not lost on her!

It confirms that we are on the right track of contemporary communication to see a project in which we actively participate being shared by a pop music icon like Madonna.

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The potential of the B.I.R.T.H. model in Real Estate and beyond…

Further confirmation of the strategic importance of the B.I.R.T.H. (Business, Investments, Real Estate, Tourism, Happiness) formula designed by Venetia Communication, based on this very assumption.

These events are the perfect example of the power of storytelling.

It is no longer enough to sell the building, the property.

Instead, the priority is to start from global projects and their communication, which in this real estate sale is in fact playing a key role. What captures the attention is Gunther’s story, more than the property itself.

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Millionaire dog Gunther VI sells his Miami mansion for $32 million

The stunning 1.2 acre estate is located in the most exclusive Miami, in the ultra-luxury area where Sylvester Stallone also lived. A property with a Mediterranean atmosphere and Tuscan style, which since 2000 has been the Kingdom of the Gunther dynasty.

The canine lineage born 40 years ago that inherited the entire millionaire fortune of the noble German countess Karlotta Liebenstein. An enormous patrimony that has permitted the birth of the Gunther Group.

An international trust that pampers the four-legged heir with super-luxury, investing its assets. Real estate, discotheques, sports clubs, publishing, scientific research and strategic communications are among the areas of interest in which the group gravitates.

These events are also involving our activity, read on to find out more.

Case History: the co-development with Maurizio Mian & Gunther Group

The media boom galvanized by the biggest national and international newspapers, including Forbes and the Washington Post, shows the enormous potential of communication in a strategic key.

Maurizio Mian and his Gunther Group have directly involved us in the communication development of an experimental socio-scientific model. An independent system and at the same time connected to the dynamics of the Trust. An important element within the organism itself. An authentic vehicle for the dissemination of its values and philosophy.

CLICK AND DISCOVER the whole story of this project and of the German shepherd Gunther.

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