The targeting strategy with The Mall Luxury Outlets

The targeting strategy with The Mall Luxury Outlets

The prestigious The Mall Luxury Outlets has entered our portfolio. We have developed a marketing strategy, in synergy with the Bull Days structure, aimed at reaching a luxury-oriented target.

A multi-benefit partnership that puts at the first place the satisfaction of the Bull Days community, the most important in the world among the owners of Lamborghini Supercars. Orchestrating the action with The Mall becomes the perfect tool for everyone to get the best results, in terms of exclusive services and fashion lifestyle.

A target-oriented partnership

A synergistic vision that takes shape in the production of content marketing on social media, website and newsletter. An operation that allows The Mall to enjoy the benefits generated by the inclusion in the official communication, starting from the Bull Days Serenissima experience. [Read the dedicated article].

Now the focus of the partnership is on the edition Bull Days Monte Carlo 2022. From the fulcrum of Monaco, up to Sanremo and in the France of perfumes. For this new experience we will design and curate a custom hospitality event, where Lamborghini owners will be involved in the luxury atmosphere of The Mall.

Together with the development of tailor-made event planning for Supercar Owners, event branding The Mall, periodic newsletters to selected contacts, dedicated spaces on the website and insertion in the official Bull Days spots.

The Mall: an unforgettable journey into the world of fashion

The Mall Luxury Outlets is a renowned Italian company that specializes in offering exclusive experiences and luxury shopping.

Famous worldwide for displaying the most famous international fashion brands. The Mall Luxury Outlets allows its visitors to experience moments that go beyond classic shopping: a unique mix of fashion, environment, food and hospitality. The lush green hills of the Tuscan countryside are the evocative setting for The Mall Florence, while the flowery hills of Liguria are the backdrop for The Mall Sanremo.

An innovative shopping concept where the utmost attention is paid to the needs and desires of each guest. Merit also goes to the numerous tailor-made services: from the Welcome Lounge to the Personal Shopping Assistant, up to an area dedicated to Tax Free.


In the dynamic universe of Digital Marketing, words like Targeting or Targeting are the order of the day. The term derives from the English “To Target = To aim” and indicates a method framed in the intermediate step between the Segmentation of the demand and the Positioning.

It is therefore an indispensable tool, a solid base on which to build any marketing plan worthy of the name. Thanks to targeting it is in fact possible to filter the public by interests and countless variables, managing to circumscribe and reach the ideal audience of the brand.

The partnership strategy The Mall & Bull Days, implemented by Venetia Communication, is able to overcome the standard targeting methods. Staying one step above selecting and profiling users. In fact our brand action involves concretely, emotionally and truly the target audience. A target strategy capable of getting the most out of online, accompanied by the potentialities typical of offline.

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