EVENT PLANNING & PR: why be in the right places with the right people

EVENT PLANNING & PR: why be in the right places with the right people

The EVENT PLANNING sector of Venetia Communication marks a constant growing trend, based on organization, innovativeness, enthusiasm and strategy. We are talking about data generated by objective budgets, strategic objectives achieved, organizational skills highlighted by results. Where particular merit emerges is in the way we weave, nurture and develop public relations through the organization of events.

Currently, the most illustrative model is certainly represented by the “BULL DAYS” phenomenon. An experience born in 2017 and immediately materialized. The origin of Bull Days is internal to Venetia Communication and the term with which we define it is absolutely its own, since it is already the object of observation, study and rooting in the luxury lifestyle sector. As it is a cutting-edge project, exclusively dedicated to passionate owners of Luxurycar (supercars and hypercars).

The Bull Days paradigm

Bull Days is a new device in the public relations sector, where a meeting between questions takes place:

  • the need of people to make and find community, similar in interests, passions, ambitions and standards;
  • to center the objective of the companies in making themselves known in international luxury territories. Highlighting brands and products in prestigious Italian and foreign cities. Through events in important places of attraction, hotels and restaurants of high appeal and great recognized value.

Venetia Communication’s Event Planning is the sum of marketing and communication strategies, aimed at understanding the objectives of the brands that rely on us for:

  • the organization and care of strategic events created ad hoc;
  • being partners of events aimed at their targets.

Bull Days is the testimonial of the added value that is evident from our results: the synergistic, cross-sectoral factor. Created by putting its participants to share the same luxury-lifestyle experiences, for days and in the same places.

We are talking about crews made up of self-made men: tycoons, freelancers and top managers. United by the passion for the de luxe motorsport sector, as well as nourishing and aiming at new and higher ambitions. For them, the choice of participating continuously in an experience with a strong relational impact, proves to be an ideal strategy to showcase their best skills in exclusive showcases, from which to generate ideas and synergies.


At the same time it connects luxury brands, in partnership, approaching their luxury-oriented target audience live (offline). Being able to be present and arouse the interest of the public for their products and services, within the ever-expanding calendar of events.

It means bringing their brand and products in exclusive showcases, in cities such as: Dubai, Venice, Monte-Carlo, Florence, Cortina, Miami, Abu Dhabi, Saint-Tropez, Saint Moritz…..

Inside historical and institutional palaces of immense importance, international centers and hotel structures of the highest level, taken for example with: the Armani Hotels, the Monaco Société des Bains de Mer, the Fonti Toscana Country Resort, the Rixos Hotels, the Falkensteiner Hotels and the Leonardo Hotels.

The importance of the customer experience

The authentic customer loyalty finds a model in the push for identification between experience and protagonists, protracted in the return to their standard activities, that is in the time between a Bull Days Luxury Experience and the next.

For this reason, the custom hat Bull Days Luxury Experience enters the official online shop! For his debut is preparing to celebrate the upcoming Bull Days Serenissima (24.25.26 September 2021) with the luck to take part in an exclusive test drive in a Lamborghini, along the Venetian coast of Caorle


The staff of Venetia Communication is therefore available, with its consolidated experience and its achievements, in the creation of new events.

Absolutely believing that the world must be created now! Coming out of the stagnation, trying to give oneself the possibility of something new, starting from the great resource of EVENT PLANNING. To restart and grow your company, activating ways to conquer your target as never before.

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