Only one you in the universe

Only one you in the universe

Carving a precious stone and making a fashion product handmade. They may seem like separate activities, but in reality they share the same artisan passion. The same creative “fire” that guides the hands to give life to unique works.

In the Florentine lands skilled artisans, designers and stylists give shape to IGG BAGS bags. Exclusive bags, objects of desire for all women who love to live according to their intuitions, emotions and visions. Artworks to carry with you. Fruit of a territory that is the mirror of tradition and excellence Made in Italy, in the craftsmanship of luxury leather.

From his laboratory, the “single pieces” are distributed among retail shops, the online shop window and the team of influencers. With the guarantee of unrepeatability. 1 Bag x 1 Lady, a bag exclusively for a single woman.

The luxury-oriented redesign by Venetia

The luxury-oriented redesign by Venetia

It was natural for IGG Bags to rely on us for communication and marketing strategies. Being an established brand, based on multitasking skills & luxury-oriented international experiences, makes more and more difference.

Building on our background, we have redesigned and elevated the vision and mission of IGG Bags. Orienting the brand towards luxury lifestyle, with the careful redesign of the logo, company image, social media and website.

We are active in generating measurable omnichannel strategies, partnerships with great media impact and synergies with other important realities. Newsletter campaigns, vertical content marketing, social media marketing and e-commerce website management complete a versatile and dynamic framework of activities.

The common objectives are to create knowledge and trust in the brand, to reach new markets, to convert into sales. Exciting and telling a story is always the best starting point and the perfect cornerstone for an effective strategy. The “selling of bags” is certainly one of the aspects to focus on, recognizing the same value to the transmission of the experience and ideals of a brand.

Because the world must be created now, on the pillars of values, heritage and corporate know-how, catching in advance the trends of the woman’s world.

It is in this perspective that the new approach of IGG Bags is configured. Best practice tailor-made for a collection of unique pieces. Masterpieces with heterogeneous lines, classic, casual, chic, flower. Each mood becomes the result of an indecipherable equation and for this reason extremely magnetic. IGG bags are the must-haves of the fashion addicted woman. She who loves refined and original objects as the best companions to surround herself with.

The company, in our customer portfolio, is part of the Leather Working Group (LWG). As a global member for eco-sustainability it supports and follows certified procedures that aim to

develop and maintain a protocol that assesses the environmental compliance and performance capabilities of leather manufacturers. Promotes sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry.

Business values are therefore modeled on the use of natural resources in a green & blue way, to secure and defend the cycle of life within the earth’s balance.

Owning IGG Bags indicates a woman who knows and recognizes herself and her own value, reflecting herself in all her important choices.


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